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Malbolgeinvented by Ben Olmstead inis an esoteric programming language designed to be as difficult to program in as possible.

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The first " Hello, world! More practical programming methods have been found later. It is modelled as a virtual machine based on ternary digits. The language is named after Malebolge [sic], the eighth level of hell in Dante's Infernowhich is reserved for perpetrators of fraud. The actual spelling Malbolge is also used for the sixth hell in the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game. The program is fed directly into the virtual machine's memory starting at position 0.

Any whitespace is skipped, including newlines. Only valid instructions and whitespace are allowed in the source, but a bug in the reference implementation makes it possible to enter instructions with a code greater thanwhich hang that interpreter if executed. There's only one officially allowed NOP code that can be entered, even if many possible NOPs are possible at run time each non-instruction that is a printable character is a NOP. Each word in the remainder of the memory is initialized as the result of applying the crazy operation see below to the contents of the previous and the second previous word in that order.

The virtual machine is based on trits tri nary, i.

malbolge 5e

Each memory position holds a machine word; the addresses are one machine word wide too. Both data and code share the same memory space. At this place it may be interesting to know that in the s and s trit-based computers were developed in the "eastern bloc" and still some engineers think about trit-based computers when talking about new non-silicon-based technologies.

There are three registers, each of which holds one machine word, initially 0: the code register C which is a pointer to the instruction that is about to be executed, the data register D used for data manipulation and the accumulator A also used by several instructions to manipulate data.

If the instruction to execute is not in the rangeexecution stops the reference interpreter hangs in this case due to a bug. Otherwise, in order to determine the actual instruction to execute, the value pointed to by the C register is added to the C register itself and the result divided by 94, taking the remainder.

Depending on the result, the following instructions are executed:. Note: The table above uses a criterium for input and output instruction codes that matches the reference interpreter instead of the one from the specification, which are reversed with respect to each other.

If the result is not any of the values in the table, a NOP no operation is executed. The "crazy" operation is defined according to the following table. It operates on corresponding trits of each machine word it's a "tritwise" operation.

After each instruction is executed, if the memory position pointed to by C is in the range 33— then it is enciphered using the following translation table:. If it is not in the range 33— then the result is undefined the reference interpreter has a bug in this case that can potentially cause a crash.

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After the ciphering step is performed, both C and D are incremented modulo 3 10 decimal and the execution cycle is repeated. It has been argued that Malbolge is a bounded-storage machine BSM with interactive input; that is, that it is Turing-complete if one ignores its memory limitations and a finite-state automaton [FSA] if one does not.

The difficulty in showing this, however, is in showing that memory words are enough to implement the FSA that simulates a universal Turing machineas practical Malbolge programs consume lots of memory.

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But thanks to Hisashi Iizawawho wrote a 99 bottles of beer program in just instructions of Malbolge code [1]there are now arguments favouring the BSM hypothesis. A cat program in Malbolge this one does not stop on EOF; one which does is several orders of magnitude more complex :. Normalized Malbolge means with the instructions decrypted to match the original specification, but in this variant every instruction has a different value when interpreted as data, depending on the address modulo The term normalized Malbolge was coined by Andrew Cooke as can be seen in the External resources section below.

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A truth-machine in Malbolge can be found here: Truth-machine Malbolge. This is a featured language. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 21 Augustat Content is available under CC0 public domain dedication.She is noted as one of the most powerful and influential of the female devils for being the daughter of Asmodeus. Glasya was once Mammon 's favoured consort. However, this relationship changed when Mammon sided against Asmodeus in the Reckoning. Mammon slunk back to the Lord of Hell and Glasya was taken from him and appointed Queen of the erinyesa position she absolutely despised.

Since becoming Lord of the Sixth, Glasya has had a thriving friendship with Fiernawhich frightens Belial as his 'loving' daughter may believe she no longer has any use for her manipulative father.

Glasya, unlike Beldid not take the layer by force of arms. The Hag Countess, former ruler of Malbolge, was obsessed with gaining true divinity. After her attempted apotheosis went terribly wrong, the Hag began to grow and grow all at an uncontrollable rate. Her growth caused the layer to level as her bloated form encompassed her entire domain, effectively destroying the countess and ending her reign.

With the Hag Countess no longer a concern, Glasya arrived on a palanquin carried by a multitude of lesser devils and took control of Malbolge.

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Glasya ascended to her lordship in the dramatic displacement of its former ruler, the Hag Countess. The move has many of the other lords scrambling. Glasya appears as a supremely beautiful humanoid with copper skin, wings, a forked tail, and small horns. The archdevil Baalzebul once ruled this layer through his Grand Viceroy Moloch. Moloch was cast down when he defied Asmodeus during the Reckoning—the general rebellion that ripped through the Nine Hells ages ago.

Most authorities acknowledge that it was the Hag, one of Moloch's most trusted advisors, who counseled Moloch to rebel.

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The Hag was then set in his place as Lord of the Sixth, and Moloch fled and went into hiding. Until Glasya's promotion Malbolge was the hardest layer of Baator to traverse, being a never-ending slope bouncing with eternally rolling boulders. The Hag Countessits former ruler, was not actually a devil but a supremely powerful Night hag from the plane of Hades. The Hag Countess resided in a stronghold that was the core of a mountain-sized boulder which perpetually rolled down the slopes of Malbolge.

None of her nobles knew exactly where it was or on what path it rolled. When she occasionally visited them in their copper fortresses, the nobles hosted her, though they rarely knew that it was her due to her expert disguises. Then one morning, the Hag Countess was wracked by terrible spasms, collapsing down the eternal slopes, which soon after began convulsing with earthquakes, turning itself inside out.

The Hag Countess was seized by the soil of the layer, then held fast as she underwent a massive transformation, her body growing to titanic but inconstant proportions.

Her skull ballooned to the size of a vast fortress as her ribs distended and bent into massive, arching mounted ranges that circled the whole layer. Her innards were buried, becoming subterranean passageways and her organs burst, forming lakes of bile and viscera. Her fingers became ten white towers, strands of her hair turning into greasy white trees, her teeth sinking into the earth to become a source of ivory for mining. As the surviving inhabitants of Malbolge crawled out of the ground where they were buried, a golden litter descended, bearing the new ruler, Archduchess Glasya.

Glasya detests Prince Levistus and is using her intelligence networks and fledgling cults to gather information she can later use to gain her father's approval to destroy the Lord of the Fifth for good, in revenge for the murder of her mother. Prior to Baalzebul, Malbolge was ruled by the archdevil Beheritwho was destroyed along with his consort, Batna by Asmodeus for disobeying "restrictions upon the elevation of devils.

Some times Glasya would torment her favorite victims as they wold run around her castle as it changed and shifted being hunted by her and sometimes her minions in a sick and twisted game of hide and seek.

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malbolge 5e

Asmodeus: This is the classic vanilla Tiefling. The one we all know and love. Fire resistance. Infernal Legacy. That last one nets you the thaumaturgy cantrip, hellish rebuke at third level cast as a 2nd level spelland darkness at level 5. All in all, not a bad get. All cast with Charisma and replenishing on a long rest. Infernal Legacy is out, Legacy of Maladomini is in.

Basically, just swap hellish rebuke for ray of sickness and darkness for crown of madness. Honestly, I feel like this is a better pick than Asmodeus, since the two spells changed are better. Off the bat, this build is better for skill or combat characters especially, but honestly for anyone.

Legacy of Dis is the spellcasting option for this variant. Thaumaturgy stays, hellish rebuke gets subbed for disguise self. Darkness gets traded for detect thoughts. This is a decent pick for stealthy or deception based characters.

Rogues and bards would do well with this. Fierna: Intelligence up is traded for Wisdom. This is immediately good for characters who rely on high perception, like rangers. Also, extra Wisdom is great for clerics and Druids. This is reaffirmed by the Legacy of Phlegethos.

No more thaumaturgy. Instead, you get the friends cantrip. This is great. As I said, good for clerics since your cantrip is no longer the mandatory cleric utility pick. Plus, these spells are all enchantments. Good for manipulating people socially. Which is great, since the classes I mentioned earlier in this entry tend to not be the best at that.

Again, always a good thing. You also get Legacy of Malbolge. Minor illusiondisguise selfinvisibility. Honestly, this is probably a better pick than Dispater. These spells are more useful for the rougish types on the by and by, but either are decent picks.Malbolge was the sixth layer of the Nine Hells.

It served as the prison of the Nine Hells. There was significant disagreement between cosmologies on the nature of the sixth circle of Hell. The randomly tilted and ill-fitting blocks were honeycombed with angular passages and caverns causing non-flying travelers to frequently need mountaineering skills and risk avalanches.

Stinking clouds of vapor rose up from the depths and lit the sky with the color of blood, causing cosmologists to speculate that the blocks of Malbolge may have rested on an infinite sea of lava. Corroborating reports have been heard of flammable materials left on the ground spontaneously combusting. The landscape of the layer was similar to the plane of Gehenna : a steep, infinite craggy incline often subject to avalanches that crushed most anything that got in the way.

The copper -shod redoubts were teardrop-shaped or otherwise engineered to deflect tumbling boulders, but even those could not long withstand a direct hit from a major avalanche. Built along the slopes were pillars of adamantine that could support the avalanches, atop which platforms held suspended cages that held condemned devils. Prisoners were constantly injured by the incessant rockfalls, but never killed.

Nine Hells

A former godly inhabitant had shaped the realm into a vast garden with fountains, towers, reflecting pools, and all manner of landscaping delights. With the coming of the devils, Malbolge was still beautiful on the surface but creeping corruption permeated the realm, twisting the beauty, perverting the architecture, and poisoning the pools. Malbolge was ruled by GlasyaAsmodeus ' daughter. Her court was primarily comprised of erinyes [9]paeliryons [9] and succubi. Malbolge was once ruled by Moloch.

However, Asmodeus had only promoted the Hag Countess so that the other Lords of the Nine would not notice his designs.

He caused the Hag Countess' body to grow to gargantuan size and rupture, turning the formerly mountainous Malbolge into a realm of decaying flesh. She was replaced by Glasya.

An extremely inhospitable layer, Malbolge tended to be avoided even by devils. The layer's most numerous inhabitants were erinyes and paeliryonswho were favored by Glasya.

Non-devils dwelt there, including giant centipedes [11]giant spiders [11]giant wasps [11]hell louse [15]kalabon [15] and night hags. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Guide to Hell. TSR, Inc. Manual of the Planes 3rd edition. Wizards of the Coastp. Manual of the Planes 4th edition. Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. Edited by Kim MohanMichele Carter. Dragon 76 TSR, Inc.Moloch was an archdevilonce the ruler of Malbolge in the Nine Hells.

Standing over His arms and legs were especially thick, and his hands and feet were enormous. His giant, horned head had slanting eyes and a large, gaping mouth filled with sharp teeth. Following his failed coup, Moloch spent most of his time plotting ways to regain his lost power. He was occasionally found scheming in Malbolge or other layers of the Nine Hells, though he was stripped of his powers every time he entered the realm.

He spent a significant amount of time traveling other planes, hoping to find the means with which he could invade Malbolge. He was rumored to spend time in Sigilwhere he attempted to recruit yugoloths to his cause.

Moloch was known to offer mortals information on the Nine Hells and other planes, in exchange for material wealth which he desperately needed to enact his plans. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Dragon 76 TSR, Inc. Monster Manual II 1st edition. TSR, Inc. Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. Edited by Kim MohanMichele Carter. Wizards of the Coastpp. The Lords of the Nine.

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malbolge 5e

Glasyais a is a Princess of Hell in the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game. She also appears as a Baator in the 2nd edition version of the game. She is noted to be one of the most powerful and influential of the female devils. Her symbol is a copper scourge. While she is defined as a female devil generally, some of her actions and background make it possible to also play her as a Succubus Princess as well.

Like many of the archfiends in the game, Glasya, at least namewise, has her origins in real world myths. Her name seems to be a derivation of Glasya-Labolas, which is another name for the fiend known as Caarcrinolaas. The fact that she is the Overlord of Hell's daughter is a complete original concept written by Gary Gygax.

Glasya is described as being incredibly beautiful. She has copper-colored skin and dark red or black hair. She appears human except that she has bat-like wings, horns, and a forked tail. Glasya is the daughter of the Overlord of the Hells, Asmodeusand his deceased queen, Bensozia.

She is also the former consort of MammonLord of the Third. Glasya has become fast friends with Fierna, the daughter of Belialand Glasya's influence has caused Fierna to grow increasingly independent from her father.

The only unique devils known to serve her are Tartach, Baalzebul 's former legate who left the court of his master due to his opinions on the Slug Lord's policies, and Beleth, the Prince of Imps. Glasya rules Malbolgethe sixth layer of Hell. Her fortress there, Ossiea, was created from the grotesquely enlarged and distorted skull of the Hag Countess.

It is a white, domelike structure, five stories in height, whose eye sockets have been filled with windows made from blood-red glass. A windpipe-like tunnel leads downwards to the subterranean kitchens and servant's quarters' the pink flesh of the walls still expands and contracts as if inhaling and exhaling in great slow breaths.

Glasya's worshipers cluster in areas of political unrest, where a small push might turn the entire realm to the ethos of lawful evil. She is also interested in realms that uphold traditional gender roles, teaching the wives and daughters of powerful men how to become the powers behind their thrones. Her clerics' favored weapon is the scourge.

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Glasya was the chief consort of Mammon out of his harem of ninean archdevil of avarice who rules the third layer of Hell known as Minauros.Malbolge was specifically designed to be almost impossible to use, via a counter-intuitive 'crazy operation', base-three arithmetic, and self-altering code. Despite this design, it is possible though very difficult to write useful Malbolge programs. Malbolge was so difficult to understand when it arrived that it took two years for the first Malbolge program to appear.

Indeed, the author himself has never written a single Malbolge program. Later, Lou Scheffer posted a cryptanalysis of Malbolge and provided a program to copy its input to its output.

Olmstead believed Malbolge to be a linear bounded automaton. There is a discussion about whether one can implement sensible loops in Malbolge—it took many years before the first non-terminating one was introduced.

A correct 99 Bottles of Beer programwhich deals with non-trivial loops and conditions, was not announced for seven years; the first correct one was by Hisashi Iizawa in This Malbolge program displays " Hello World! This program reads a string from a user and prints that string, similar to Unix cat. Malbolge is machine language for a ternary virtual machinethe Malbolge interpreter. The standard interpreter and the official specification do not match perfectly. Although this was initially considered a bug in the compiler, Ben Olmstead stated that it was intended and there was in fact "a bug in the specification".

Malbolge has three registersacand d. When a program starts, the value of all three registers is zero. It is automatically incremented after each instruction, but the location it points to is used for the data manipulation commands. The virtual machine has 59, 3 10 memory locations that can each hold a ten-trit ternary number. Each memory location has an address from 0 to and can hold a value from 0 to Incrementing past this limit wraps back to zero.

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The language uses the same memory space for both data and instructions. This was influenced by how hardware such as x86 architecture worked. Before a Malbolge program starts, the first part of memory is filled with the program.

All whitespace in the program is ignored and, to make programming more difficult, everything else in the program must start out as one of the instructions below. Memory filled this way will repeat every twelve addresses the individual ternary digits will repeat every three or four addresses, so a group of ternary digits is guaranteed to repeat every twelve. The hope was to create a Turing-Complete language while keeping as much in the spirit of Malbolge.

No other rules are changed, and all Malbolge programs that do not reach the memory limit are completely functional. Malbolge has eight instructions. Malbolge figures out which instruction to execute by taking the value [c]adding the value of c to it, and taking the remainder when this is divided by

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